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You Earn your body !

One of the first ailments we acquire as adults is the disease of ‘excusitis’. Don’t google it. It has not yet been accepted by the mass. But the disease simply means ‘finding excuses for procrastination’. It is wide spread but not yet in the conscious awareness of the common man.

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So when tips are being given on how to be healthy, ‘excusitis’ prompts man to think – but I sit in front of the computer all day, how can I avoid shoulder pain? I don’t have time to exercise, how can I avoid back pain? I am standing all the time and yet I put on weight!

The only solution to excusitis is awareness. If your posture is causing you aches and pains during the day resulting in stiff and sore muscles, you need to bring in to your awareness the postural corrections that need to be done on a minute by minute  basis. Staying locked in front of the computer screen for 12 hours and then trying to rectify by stretching for 15 minutes will not work. Every 60 minute, take a 2 minute break to move your body, stretch your muscles and look away from the screen.

Even if you are not in front of the computer, every person will benefit from these 2 minute diversions that will energize whatever is your work routine.

Ensure your posture is always aligned to gravity. So how do you know if it is aligned? Simply, if there is no stress on one part alone, then that part is not overworking to compensate for postural mis-alignment.

You earn your body – not inherit it! So if you wish to have a pain free existence, do not wait for the aches to begin. Get your posture in place today!

By Gita Krishna Raj

CEO Maverick, Holistic Lifestyle coach C.H.E.K Institute USA, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Health excel UK