Maverick Fitness Studio

Why Maverick


The motivation to be healthy is a fire from within.
But when that fire is challenged by
the breeze of temptation,
the storms of stress,
the tempest of time
or the lazy drift of the mind,
Maverick steps in to fan the flame.

Welcome to the Maverick experience.

Holistic approach

The human body is not a mechanical one. In a machine you can replace one part and expect the rest to function unhindered. But the human body is a living entity where imbalance in any one aspect will affect the entire body. Therefore, once such imbalance occurs the recovery is to the whole and not just the affected part. Maverick’s approach to fitness is to help you achieve an able body, stable mind and noble heart.

International methods

The approach of holistic wellbeing is adapted from C.H.E.K institute USA – one of the premier fitness training institutes across the globe. Combining the scientific knowledge of human anatomy and movement, with the ageless wisdom of yoga, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, our fitness programs have raised the bar on the Indian fitness industry.

Video Kiosks

With the kind of information overload currently being faced, it became important to ensure uniformity in knowledge delivery. Maverick is the only gym in India to adopt video kiosks on all gym floors demonstrating over 875 exercises with key points and instructions.

The kiosks also allow the user to explore the relationship between an activity (like bicycling), muscle (like hamstrings) and movement (like squats), thereby specifying exact exercises to train specific group of muscles and to train for specific activities. Click here to watch a video demo…

Smart Phone App

In tune with the needs and requirements of the modern generation, once again Maverick leads the Indian fitness industry with a smart phone app that helps track your daily fitness routine.

Unlike a calorie counter, our app is designed to help you monitor your diet and activity with demonstrations of 200 exercises allowing you to try new workouts. This is available for free download at Google play for Android phones and in the App Store for iPhones and iPads.

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Scientific Assessments

All assessments at Maverick are by certified professionals. The assessment methodology are both customised and scientific using latest knowledge from industry experts. Some of our assessments include Postural analysis, Metabolic typing (the only fitness studio in India to offer this) for dietary requirements from Health Excel UK, Priority assessment (again the first of its kind in India) to assess your energy balances, Food intolerance, gluten sensitivity, Pain relief, Functionality assessment, Bio-Motor testing, Health appraisal from C.H.E.K institute USA.

Assured Results

Everybody has a dream – a goal to look better, feel fitter and become more healthy. Our mentoring and monitoring guarantees your results in weight loss, weight gain or in adapting to lifestyle modifications.

There is an old adage ‘You can take a horse to the pond, but you cannot make it drink it’. Well, we ensure you get thirsty!

Online Connect

Eighty percent of success is in showing up! Our Online connect (like a Facebook account that is created for every member), helps you to keep in touch with your progress and communicate with our trainers and professionals. But more importantly it also helps us to keep track of your progress with us, enabling us to both applaud your achievements and prod you when needed. Click here to watch a video preview…

Inspiring Ambience

Every Maverick studio has been designed to welcome you with appealing interiors and specialised equipment. Care has been taken to make Maverick a ‘happening’ place with hygienic maintenance and energetic, sporty feel.

Workshops That Transform

Nobody can see through your eyes. So Maverick believes, your
wellness is your choice. It has to be something you deeply desire and are willing to work for. Our workshops help you take personal responsibility for your body and educate you on how this can be achieved. As one of the participants remarked ‘(At your workshop) a bug called consciousness about the body, health and fitness has been embedded in us for life!’

We Care

It is the dream of Maverick to build a healthy India. Your participation in our fitness programs directly help us achieve this goal. Your wellness is our priority!