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Who needs Strength Training?

Week 11 - Banner 2- 403x403If you are 14 years old or seventy or anywhere in between – you need to lift weights to rebuild your muscle mass. No negotiation! That is it! But because you may need convincing, I go on…


If you are a woman, and you believe lifting weights is only for the men – this article is for you! Women do not have the necessary testosterone to bulk up like men. By including 2 or 3 strength training sessions you will get the ‘toned’ look that any amount of cardio is unlikely to produce. But more than just the looks, strength training is going to help you stay young! Yeah – that is the magic word I know! Degeneration of muscles are brought about by dis-use and leads to rapid aging. Muscles are the body’s most metabolically active tissue – meaning muscles are what convert the food you eat into energy for use by the body. When your muscle mass drops – the  body is no longer capable of getting enough energy as the very mechanism is become weak. This leads to great dearth for energy in the body.


Mac-quotesYour muscles are needed for all movement. When the amount of muscle mass drops, movements become difficult. You are no longer able to climb a flight of stairs or sit on a low chair or even carry a bag of groceries. Biologically women do have the extra stress of menopause. Ensuring you have a healthy muscle mass will keep you young and active despite other changes in bio-rhythm. Lifting weights helps increase bone density preventing the onset of osteoporosis.

Strength training helps improve circulation, coordination, balance, bone & ligament strength, greater flexibility and stability. When you have a greater lean body mass, you will burn more calories every minute of the day. Three pounds of new muscle tissue burns more fat daily than a one mile run! Most importantly, strength training keeps you young and gives you a stronger body. Do you need any more reasons to begin lifting weights right away?


By Gita Krishna Raj

CEO Maverick, Holistic Lifestyle coach C.H.E.K Institute USA, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Health excel UK