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Stretch before you sleep…

Week 9 - Banner 2- 403x403A fit person is one who can move his joints to their full range of motion. Many of us remain limited in this aspect, more often relying on external support systems to handle the need for movement. For example, hardly does anyone twist around to pick up the paper from the back shelf in our office. We use swivel chairs! A good fitness program accommodates enough stretching to ensure you regain the movement of your joints and muscles to their full range.

In a fitness context, we recommend a warm up before you stretch. We also recommend you finish your exercise or sporting routine with a full stretch. You will find greater flexibility at the end of your workout than at the beginning as now your muscles are much warmer after all the exertions and are ready to help you move to the full range.

Yes! Muscles need to be stretched only when they are warm – that is when they have been used a bit and are ready for movement. Stretching a cold muscle will at best be ineffective and not create a stretch and at worse make the injure the muscle, tendon or ligament.

During the normal course of the day, stretch right after your hot or warm bath. It will refresh you! A gentle stretch relaxes the muscles, letting them release and grow longer. However remember, too intense a stretch can actually create an inflammatory response.

Stretching before bed help you sleep better, recover and regenerate.

By Gita Krishna Raj

CEO Maverick, Holistic Lifestyle coach C.H.E.K Institute USA, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Health excel UK