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Maverick Fit Kids is a physical literacy education and sports related training curriculum for K-12 in schools, scientifically designed to inculcate the habit of lifelong fitness – improving the self esteem and confidence in children, & making them take personal responsibility for their body.

PHYSICAL LITERACY refers to the motivation and commitment to be active for life. It begins with teaching children to move with confidence and competence in a wide variety of activities and environments developing them as a whole person. Being physically literate will enable our children to be healthy, active and respectful of their whole selves and others for life. This can only be achieved from learning the fundamental movement skills in a structured and fun way as a child.

Physical educators have debated the goals of teaching since the late 1800s. On one side of the debate, some have asserted that the aim of physical education is to teach students ‘about the physical.’ That is, the content and curriculum ought to focus on becoming and remaining physically strong and healthy. Today, those who champion the education-of-the-physical philosophy strive to increase children’s physical fitness and sport skills by focusing on exercise frequency, intensity, time, and type. Those who subscribed to an exercise-is-medicine perspective focus predominantly on physical fitness and its measurement (Rowland, 2005).

On the other side of the debate are those who believe that physical education should focus on teaching children how to participate in physical activities that provide learning, socialisation opportunities, and enhanced well-being. For these people, the aim of physical education is to teach students ‘through the physical.’ The education-through-the-physical philosophy is the belief that physical educators should strive to not only enhance children’s physical health, but also contribute to their social, emotional, and intellectual development (Pesce, 2012).

The uniqueness of the MAVERICK FIT KIDS physical literacy and cognitive activity curriculum is that it satisfies both requirements of motivating students ‘about the physical‘ to keep them fit and equally inspire them ‘through the physical‘ contributing to their social, emotional and intellectual dimensions.

Maverick Fit Kids uses an interdisciplinary approach grooming the student’s multiple intelligence by incorporating principles of embodied learning. Movements with purpose to develop kinaesthetic learning, music to incorporate rhythm, group co-operation for interpersonal development, spatial intelligence, understanding intra-personal strength & weakness, logical thinking & pattern recognition, outdoor activities to feel comfortable in natural settings…

Embodied learning believes the body is fundamental to learning. It challenges the dualism of mind and body that our educational system has maintained over the past three hundred years & propagates that learning is the result of new practices that we commit our body to, not merely in the gathering and understanding of information. We incorporate cross curricular exposure in our program to aid students use their bodily intelligence to understand varied concepts…

The program includes all the parameters of fitness for appropriate age groups… Gross motor development, flexibility, speed & agility, balance, coordination, athletic skill, posture, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength & endurance, movement patterns, functionality, energising techniques, brain gym and so much more…

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