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Our Journey



When Maverick entered the fitness arena in August 2003, Indians still believed that fitness was only for super models, sports stars and peak performers. Launched in 2003 in Chennai, Maverick soon spread its wings over the next ten years to other cities in South India including Bangalore, Madurai, Salem, Coimbatore and Pondicherry, directly contributing to the social transformation that fitness is both the birth right and responsibility of every human being.

On the eve of our 10th Anniversary in August 2013, our Managing director R.Krishnaraj, though happy with the business strides, was dissatisfied with the lack of cultural transformation we had achieved. Fitness was still only an ‘optional’ schedule in the calendar for most. Deeply committed to the need to build a healthy humanity, Krishnaraj instigated his wife and CEO of Maverick, Gita to launch a wellness program for children to sow the seeds of lasting health in young minds. In a short span of ten months, Maverick Fit Kids was launched in schools in June 2014 with a committment to inculcate the habit of exercise in school children.


Around the same time, news highlighting the deterioration in health of the IT professionals began to wake up corporate houses to provide better infrastructure, science, motivation and techniques to keep their employees fit and healthy. With the expertise gained over a decade of professional work, Maverick soon shifted focus from independent retail centres to in-house Corporate gyms – realising our dream to provide focussed long term solutions to working individuals. Maverick Wellness@Work corporate gyms have since been set up in many locations of Cognizant, Ramanujan IT City, Hexaware, Shell & Tata Consultancy Services (Coming soon).

As an additional service, Maverick also launched a community portal to reach out to people who need to exercise from their homes. Maverick Wellness Community is a free portal that provides exercise routines that can be followed by beginners and experts from the comfort of their homes with nil or minimum implements.

Winner of NDTV-Hindu Lifestyle award for ‘Best Gym’ & Rotary Club’s Vocational Excellence Award in 2011, Maverick’s has significantly contributed to the fitness industry by combining the scientific knowledge of the west with the esoteric wisdom of the east to present India’s most holistic wellness approach. Insights from the CHEK institute, USA, the American Council on exercise (ACE) , the American college of sports medicine (ACSM), yoga and Ayurveda seamlessly merge at Maverick. The foundation stone in every unit of Maverick is the balance between the most advanced scientific knowledge with traditional Indian hospitality, computerised tracking with personalised care, efficient administration with humane perspectives, expertise with affordability !

The Backbone:

gk-krMaverick Fitness Studios is the brain child of Krishna Raj and Gita from Chennai, India. A private limited company, Maverick was founded by R.Krishna Raj in August 2003. A fitness aficionado with a passion since childhood for sports and fitness activity, Krishna Raj took up a professional degree in engineering from Annamalai University and followed his father’s footsteps to become a name to reckon in the HVAC industry. His concern Air Command is one of the prime dealers for Blue Star for large-scale air-conditioning and refrigeration needs in India and has been rated multiple times as the best service provider.

Krishna Raj’s innate passion for health and sports, prompted him to diversify into the fitness arena in 2003, which was just beginning to enter the common Indian conscience. A commitment for perfection, a passion for excellence and a heart that always looks at social good, resulted in the launching of Maverick Fitness Studios. Thirteen years later with several fitness studios & school programs under his umbrella, Krishna Raj as Managing Director, leads Maverick to a new threshold of fitness activity. Through Maverick, Krishna Raj has directly contributed to the growth of the fitness industry in India by reiterating the value of health and fitness in the human psyche.

In 2011, Krishna Raj received on behalf of Maverick the NDTV-Hindu Lifestyle award for BEST GYM. Krishnaraj’s business acumen and his key strength as a strategist, guarantee stability and quality in every aspect of Maverick.

Gita Krishna Raj, basked in her husband’s passion for fitness and became actively involved in lifestyle training as CEO of Maverick. A Holistic Lifestyle Coach (level 2), from C.H.E.K institute USA, and India’s first Metabolic Typing Advisor from Health Excel UK, Gita combines her academic background of business administration with her creative expressions evolved over several years of professional work, to lead her team at Maverick to aesthetic heights combining western organisational methods with eastern warmth and panache. As CEO of Maverick, she has systematised the entire Maverick experience by shifting the focus from a mere exercise platform to one of Holistic health by introducing several methods of C.H.E.K institute USA combining scientific physiological knowledge with Indian esoteric wisdom.

Gita has designed the physical literacy education curriculum for children from K to 12 for the Maverick Fit Kids program using an interdisciplinary approach to make exercise a habit in children. With several international certificates in fitness, child development and cognitive activity, Gita as Program Director of Maverick Fit Kids combines her experiences as a professional classical dancer, a powerful orator transforming lives, a spiritualist published writer, an inspiring actor and an international award winning director of Television serials, to present a  a novel curriculum for children to develop Multiple Intelligence.

Gita conducts workshops for corporates, educational institutions and heterogenous social groups helping people balance their lives in terms of proper nutrition, optimum exercise, handling stress and developing spiritual rootedness. She consults with individuals to help them identify their nutritive needs by way of elaborate international standard assessments. As a writer, Gita edits Maverick’s newsletter Fitness & beyond… and contributes to several international magazines on fitness and spirituality. Her workshops inspire and transform 8 to 80 year olds to take personal responsibility to live life.

On behalf of Maverick, Gita received the Vocational Excellence award from a chapter of Rotary International in Chennai in 2011.

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