Maverick Fitness Studio

Health is built one step at a time…

Week 12 - Banner 2- 403x403There is a saying ‘Doctors cannot put broken eggs back into the shell’. We are currently in a world that looks for quick fix solutions. We are not willing to build health one step at a time – we rather want immediate results. We are unwilling to sweat it out and do it the right way – we are more excited by the health in a pill promises. Time to understand – there is short cut to being fit !

In a mechanical world we can replace a single component that is malfunctioning and set the whole machine right. Your mouse isn’t working – the computer variety – you can merely replace the mouse and your computer will not be affected by the change. However the human body is not a mechanical one. It is a biological whole where stress in any part will reflect in the functioning of the entire body. The body works on the principle of compensations where it will over work some aspects of functioning in order to support the inefficient ones. So fitness is not about some of the components being at peak while the rest rust; it is about every aspect being at its optimum best – all the time!

When such is the definition of health and fitness, an attitude for quick fixes cannot and will not work for you know you are compromising on many a thing in order to satisfy one particular aspect alone. It is crucial to have the attitude of lasting fitness from within where every organ in function at its best. That is why at Maverick we say Train hard for vanity – to look good, to compete, to dance, play and win a marathon. But also train smart for longevity – to feel great, to heal, to move, laugh and avoid all pain.

By Gita Krishna Raj

CEO Maverick, Holistic Lifestyle coach C.H.E.K Institute USA, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Health excel UK