Maverick Fitness Studio


Smartphone app

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MAVERICK WELLNESS@WORK app is an accompanying app for members only.

Features include:
• Tracking your visits to Maverick
• Recommended workouts for the individual member designed by C.H.E.K and ACE certified trainers in tune with facilities and machines available in your Maverick centre
• Weekly schedules to customise and plan activities
• Stretch test recommendations and corrective exercises as per consultation
• Easy to follow instructions for every exercise on your workout
• Option to create own custom workouts from choice of over 500 exercises and share with colleagues in your Maverick Centre
• Encyclopedia on Fitness on your phone. Makes you an Educated Exerciser providing you with authentic scientific knowledge and tools for implementation.

Marathon Training Manual

Whether you are a beginner wishing to run 10 Kms,  an advanced runner preparing for a half-marathon or an expert set for a full marathon, the insights presented in this manual will help you achieve your running goals and also keep you healthy. Happy running!

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