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Power of Fitness & wellbeing – The how?

We are always in search of a quick fix solution. Ten simple ways to stay healthy, most easy to follow fitness routine, a diet that will positively work to shed those extra kilos, a guaranteed workout to keep us trim… When are we going to mature enough to understand that when it takes 272 days more »

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A Paradigm shift on Fitness

A paradigm shift is when the most basic knowledge we have on any subject needs renewed foundation based on newer understanding. For instance, there was a belief at one point in history that the earth was flat. That very foundation was shifted with the understanding the earth is round. There was a belief that the more »

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Power of Maverick

Warning: Reading this article will change the way you exercise & live life Human beings are funny creatures. We know smoking is injurious to health and yet yield to the temptation. We understand exercising is good for our wellness and yet need enormous motivation to be consistent. Well, it is not surprising for the very more »

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