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How to eat anything… happily

You are certainly What you eat… and When you eat does make all the difference. But more than even that, I firmly believe ‘How you eat’ can help you lose weight. These are simple insights that have helped me a very great deal.

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Health is built one step at a time…

There is a saying ‘Doctors cannot put broken eggs back into the shell’. We are currently in a world that looks for quick fix solutions. We are not willing to build health one step at a time – we rather want immediate results. We are unwilling to sweat it out and do it the right more »

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Quitting lasts forever…

Thomas Alva Edison had failed 999 times before he succeeded in inventing the electric bulb. A reporter asked him, so how does it feel to have failed so many times. Edison replied, those weren’t failures. They were 999 ways how not to make an electric bulb! Attitude matters – in everything. But more so when more »

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Who needs Strength Training?

If you are 14 years old or seventy or anywhere in between – you need to lift weights to rebuild your muscle mass. No negotiation! That is it! But because you may need convincing, I go on…   If you are a woman, and you believe lifting weights is only for the men – this more »

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Why do we have muscles?

Movement is possible because our muscles contract and relax. There are four basic properties of muscles: Contractibility or the ability to shorten when innervated. Extensibility or the ability to stretch beyond their normal resting length Elasticity or the ability to rebound to their resting length Tonicity or the state of hardness of the muscle When more »

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The Stability-Mobility continuum

Try placing a cone on its vertex. We all know it will fall. Why? Because the base of support is too small to allow the entire cone to stand erect without any support. Now the same cone rests peacefully on its base as the base of support is large enough to keep it stable without more »

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Balance is the aim of life

As you walk down the staircase, if the electricity suddenly went off leaving you in the dark, and you begin to stumble, the first response to that loss of balance from your body will be a quick deep sucked in breath that refuses to be exhaled. That is the body’s way of telling you that more »

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Stretch before you sleep…

A fit person is one who can move his joints to their full range of motion. Many of us remain limited in this aspect, more often relying on external support systems to handle the need for movement. For example, hardly does anyone twist around to pick up the paper from the back shelf in our more »

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Muscles shorten by disuse

In the common psyche, man believes when he lifts weights and does body building activities, his muscles grow large and also results in lack of flexibility. The truth of the matter is that muscles actually shorten due to disuse. With constant use, as the muscles grow large, there is more blood flow which increases circulation, more »

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You Earn your body !

One of the first ailments we acquire as adults is the disease of ‘excusitis’. Don’t google it. It has not yet been accepted by the mass. But the disease simply means ‘finding excuses for procrastination’. It is wide spread but not yet in the conscious awareness of the common man. So when tips are being more »