Maverick Fitness Studio



Mrs.Gita Krishna Raj, CEO of Maverick is a HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE COACH (level 2) from C.H.E.K institute USA; and India’s first METABOLIC TYPING ADVISOR from Health Excel UK, besides having completed several international fitness certifications. All trainers at Maverick are internationally certified and undergo periodic evaluation.     Download her Fact sheet here

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Paul Chek’s words…

Dear Gita, I’m so proud of you. You are really The Divine in Action Dear! Keep sharing your love. I begin and end my day just as you do. Each day, I thank Great Spirit for all that is, and all that is in my life. I also thank Great Spirit for all my students and more »

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About our Workshops…

It is indeed very gratifying to have stalwarts & beginners, dancers & musicians, sports stars and marathon runners, the young at 80 & the mature at 14 – all uniformly benefit from our workshops on health, fitness and holistic wellbeing… For sample videos use any of the links below: Art of listening to your body more »

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