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Celebrating our 13th Anniversary…

As we celebrate our 13th Anniversary, we at Maverick renew our committment to provide and expand our expertise to build a healthy humanity!

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Fitness & beyond… August 2015

Read our 12th anniversary issue of the newsletter Fitness & beyond…

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Fitness & beyond… Nov 2013

Celebrating Ten Golden years of Maverick… Get inspired with the words of Mahatria Ra… 

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Fitness & beyond… March 2013

‘The Pleasure of Pain’ – an inspiration from Mahatria Ra…

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Fitness & beyond… Oct 2012

‘Knowledge is NOT power. APPLIED Knowledge is Power!’ – Paul Chek. Are you applying what you already know about living a healthy life?

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Fitness & beyond… June 2012

At Maverick, we don’t ‘fix’ you; we ‘coach’ you ! Every endeavor of Maverick is to help you understand that health is your personal responsibility…

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Brain Gym answers – 2009-2011

  Did you get the answers to our Brain Gym right? Check out here…

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Fitness & beyond… 2009-2011

Read our archives… Newsletters to inspire you…

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