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Working out together can be Fun ! Provided, we don’t intrude into the other’s ‘space’. Every individual has a unique requirement of fitness. We are living creatures that respond creatively to all external stimuli dynamically rebalancing at every moment in order to survive. Fitness is a continuing process and not an end result that can be frozen in time or a chart. Our very survival is dependent on integrating ourselves to lifestyle modifications that consistently aid in our having an able body, stable mind and a noble soul. Our fitness needs vary depending on our energy levels, age, sex, sleep, food and so many many factors.

Coming together this Valentine’s day to commit to a year of ‘Fitness together’ is a beautiful choice. Here are some tips to make it work

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Isolate & Integrate: Both of you have independent needs and levels. So begin by isolating your actual fitness regime to suit your personal requirements. Only when a common base is formed, plan to integrate into a combined session. Else one of you will surely end up feeling left behind…

Don’t compete: Competition is an integral part of all living forms. But while animals compete to survive, humans are blessed with sportsmanship – the ideal of being able to compete to motivate each other and not to survive over the other!! Competition is worthless unless it inspires the other to improve over their own past performance. Don’t compete unless you and your partner are on the same level – both in terms of fitness and maturity!

Compliment each other: Yes ! Men are stronger and women are more supple! If you can manage to compliment each other in the respective areas of accomplishment, without having to belittle yourself, you will help build a healthy fitness regime. Equally true, complement each other by ensuring you support your partner in the area they are not so good at! Compliment and complement each other to make your workouts meaningful…

Don’t be a coach: There are professional trainers available to coach both of you! Don’t try to coach your spouse / partner! Unless they see a teacher in you (which is very rare), you will end up feeling ‘bossed over’ or ‘bossy’. That becomes difficult to handle for the rest of the day!!

Common interest:  Find things you like doing together – walking, bicycling, jogging, running, swimming, playing a sport… The list is endless. However, never force another to share your interest. They probably have something of their own to look forward to…

Balance: Learn to balance your workouts to integrate not just what you are good at but also incorporating what you need to be good at. Ensure both of you get your say in the matter.



Exercise by itself has been medically proven to increase the ‘feel good’ factor of life. When you regularly experience this healthy feeling in the company of your spouse / partner, it contributes to the ‘feel good’ factor of your relationship. Working out together, forms a commitment ensuring the lesser motivated of the two will stick to their workout regime. Staying fit together helps you appreciate the other’s efforts right through the day. As your fitness levels increase, who better to show off to than the one who is the center of your life?

Happy working out together!

Home-black bgMaverick Wellness @ Home:

Maverick Wellness @ Home is an initiative of Maverick to bring professional quality fitness routines to your home. With international assessments to identify and prevent degenerative aging, Maverick Wellness @ Home includes postural assessments and customized workout plans, nutrition counseling for the entire family, setting up or leasing of a home gym and the services of a personal trainer to visit your home and keep the entire family fit. Online access to our exhaustive exercise library, educates the family right at their living space on the how, why and what of fitness. When the entire family talks fitness, exercises and inculcates the ways of healthy living, it percolates effortlessly to the next generation. What better way to keep our children healthy than to workout together as a family!


By Gita Krishna Raj printed in Food & Health magazine in February 2014.