Maverick Fitness Studio

  • Live Life... Work out...

    It is not just fitness. It is not for glamour. It is not about productivity. It is not a perquisite. IT IS LIFE.

    Be a Maverick !
  • You can't fake it.

    "If you are not assessing right, you are only guessing”, says Paul Chek, Founder C.H.E.K institute. Help us to help you!

    Why Maverick?
  • We make it count...

    Since 2003, Maverick's journey has been enriched through providing fitness solutions for the young & old, novices & professionals, in schools & corporate houses, and still growing...

    Our Journey...
  • What are you waiting for?

    Run, jog, walk, swim, hike, bike, ski, jump, kick, throw, catch, play, dance, swing, bounce, twist, push, pull, squat, lunge, bend, lift, skip, stretch... START !

    Make time !
  • Physical Literacy - its time!

    Join hands to educate K-12 students 'about the physical' to keep them fit & inspire them 'through the physical' contributing to their social, emotional and intellectual dimensions.

    Maverick Fit Kids

    Maverick Wellness@Work

Careers with us

If you have the attitude to keep learning, you will be welcome to join us at Maverick!
* We always have room for professionals in the fields of fitness, nutrition, physiotherapy, physical education, sports, administration, marketing and much more...
* We also have a unique platform to launch freshers in the industry.

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Business opportunities

We at Maverick wish to spread the message of wellness across the Nation. We invite you to
• help set up Maverick Wellness@work Corporate and community gyms in Corporate houses, Educational institutions, Hotels, Medical facilities, Residential complexes...
• spreading physical literacy as channel partner of our Maverick Fit Kids curriculum for K-12 at schools

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