Maverick Fitness Studio

  • Live Life... Work out...

    It is not just fitness. It is not for glamour. It is not about productivity. It is not a perquisite. IT IS LIFE.

    Be a Maverick !
  • You can't fake it.

    "If you are not assessing right, you are only guessing”, says Paul Chek, Founder C.H.E.K institute. Help us to help you!

    Why Maverick?
  • We make it count...

    Since 2003, Maverick's journey has been enriched through providing fitness solutions for the young & old, novices & professionals, in schools & corporate houses, and still growing...

    Our Journey...
  • What are you waiting for?

    Run, jog, walk, swim, hike, bike, ski, jump, kick, throw, catch, play, dance, swing, bounce, twist, push, pull, squat, lunge, bend, lift, skip, stretch... START !

    Make time !
  • Physical Literacy - its time!

    Join hands to educate K-12 students 'about the physical' to keep them fit & inspire them 'through the physical' contributing to their social, emotional and intellectual dimensions.

    Maverick Fit Kids

Careers with us

If you have the attitude to keep learning, you will be welcome to join us at Maverick!
* We always have room for professionals in the fields of fitness, nutrition, physiotherapy, physical education, sports, administration, marketing and much more...
* We also have a unique platform to launch freshers in the industry.

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Business opportunities

We at Maverick wish to spread the message of wellness across the Nation. We invite you to
• help set up Maverick Wellness@work Corporate and community gyms in Corporate houses, Educational institutions, Hotels, Medical facilities, Residential complexes...
• spreading physical literacy as channel partner of our Maverick Fit Kids curriculum for K-12 at schools

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    Why Maverick?

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